Forming bonds by linking family and friends to pass on our passion for the outdoors to a new generation. Raising funds for hospitals and research centers in hope to find cures for cancer and other childhood diseases.

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Giving Hope, to those in need of a chance.


A passion that is born through first hand experience, captivated in the smell of the outdoors, and molded into our youth through mentorship. This is what the outdoor experiences of hunting, fishing, trapping or just shooting, ingrain into today’s KIDZ. Now, imagine if your son or daughter had limited time left, limited mobility or your funds were stretched so tight on hospital bills that your child would maybe NEVER get the chance to feel that rush, see an animal in the wild or complete a dream? That's what we here at Kidz  Outdoors strive to amend. 

The Big Picture.

Adult mentored outdoor events for youth hunters with multiple abilities.

Kidz Outdoors, Inc., operating under a 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization with the goal of raising money to donate to organizations and hospitals that focus on childhood cancer and disease research. Our money is raised through donations, sponsorship, and outdoor events with the goal of getting our youth into the outdoors. Kidz Outdoors events are centered around adult mentored  outdoor events such as youth deer and turkey hunts. We provide an opportunity for youth hunters who are disabled or otherwise unable, to have the chance to hunt and have that very experience. We hold annual events that include hunts for deer, turkey, and wild boar, as well as fishing tournaments.

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