Our Mission:

“Forming bonds by linking family and friends to pass on our passion for the outdoors to a new generation. Raising funds for hospitals and research centers in hope to find cures for cancer and other childhood diseases.”

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noah walters kidz outdoors hog hunt

Noah Walters 

Kidz Outdoors has given me opportunities to get out in God’s world to explore, enjoy new friendships and harvest awesome animals. A walk or roll in the woods is like being in a one on one conversation with God.

Our Impact


A passion that is born through first hand experience, captivated in the smell of the outdoors, and molded into our youth through mentorship. Now, imagine if someone you love had limited time left, limited mobility and funds were stretched to thin to make their dreams come true. They may never get the chance to feel that rush, see an animal in the wild or complete their dream? That's what we here at Kidz  Outdoors strive to amend. 


Over five hundred thousand dollars Raised

Through fundraising events, sponsorships, donations and the generosity of others Kidz Outdoors has raised more than $500,000. These monies help provide first hand experiences for Kidz, fund events and are donated to research centers/hospitals.



Years in operation

Kidz Outdoors was established in 2013, born out of a calling to provide experiences in the great outdoors to those who are challenged with illness, physical limitations, limited time and different abilities.



Over Four Thousand children Impacted

More than 4,000 Kidz have participated in fundraising events, group events, and dream experiences since 2013.

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Get Involved

Our funds are raised through donations, sponsorship, and outdoor events with the goal of getting our youth into the outdoors.


Find a Chapter

Our 6 Chapters across the south east host yearly events. Find a Chapter near you! Don’t see a Chapter close to home? Contact us about starting a chapter.

Attend an event

Checkout our upcoming events. All events are family friendly! This is a great way to get acquainted with Kidz Outdoors and make lasting connections.

Make a Donation

We can’t do this without you! There are many ways you can help through monetary, land, guide services, hunts, sponsorships and In Kind donations.

apply for sponsorship

Kidz Outdoors evaluates applications on a case by case basis*. You must be at least 6 years of age to apply and have a current/ongoing debilitating illness.