How it works


Step 1:

Complete our online application in full.

Step 2:

Kidz Outdoors will contact you about eligibility and moving forward with your application. 

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Kidz Dream Application

We ask that a parent/ guardian complete this application. We invite the applicant to write a 500 word or less essay telling Kidz Outdoors their story. 

Eligibility Requirements:

Kidz Outdoors evaluates applications on a case by case basis*. You must be at least 6 years of age to apply and have a current/ongoing debilitating illness.

Please complete the form below in its entirety. Please enter NA in any field for which there is no information or that is not applicable. Failure to provide complete information can delay the application process!

Adults Name *
Adults Name
Child's Name *
Child's Name
Child's Birthdate *
Child's Birthdate
Phone *
Any issues with travel? *
List any adaptive equipment used or needed for mobility or travel.
500 words or less telling Kidz Outdoors your story.